The Health Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Strength training has long been an underestimated way of working out and getting fit for many women. Most women are concerned that they are at risk of developing large male-sized muscles.

Ladies, unless we take testosterone supplements or have higher-than-average testosterone levels, stop worrying. Strength training is not going to leave you looking like a female Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Instead of believing old wives’ tales, we should consider all of the health benefits of strength training for women. Strength training for women is done with or without equipment. You can use your body’s natural resistance to your advantage. Consider using your kitchen worktop for simple press-ups or your coffee table for triceps dips.

And yes, you know those arm circles you see in YouTube fitness video, they are a form of strength training. However, if you would like to step things up, you can use free weights, resistance bands and gym equipment.

Let’s delve further into this interesting topic and dispel some of the myths.

1 Strength Training Does Not Burn Calories

After the myth of developing men’s size pecs, this is perhaps the most common myth. I have a surprise for you, ladies.

Weight training for women ‘burns’ more calories and reduces fat better than aerobic training. Both forms of training have health benefits but if you want to shift your pesky menopause belly or get rid of your flappy arms, strength training is what you should focus on.

Something marvellous happens when we build muscle mass – we burn more calories and our bodies start to manage fat balance better. This is especially true when you exercise first thing in the morning.

Do your strength training before you do your aerobics session and you will quickly notice an improvement. Then you can get your MBT walking shoes out and grab your Scandinavian walking poles for a speed walk and enjoy a vitamin D packed half an hour.

2 Does Strength Training Change Your Body Shape?

Yes, doing the right kind of strength training for you helps to improve your body shape. When you want to change your body shape, it is important not to do the same strength training exercises every day.

The best way to manage your workout schedule is to cross train and focus on different parts of the body. Start the week with a leg day and make Tuesday your arm day. For the rest of the week, you can alternate between the two.

How does strength training change your posture and body shape? As you start strengthening your muscles, you will notice your body almost prompts you to stand in a better posture.

The reason is simple, your muscles and tendons are beginning to support you better. This is why many physiotherapists recommend strength training when you experience common health conditions such as back pain and sciatica.

Strength training also reduces the amount of body fat. Your body fat is gradually replaced by healthy muscle tissue instead. If you experience problems with cellulite, strength training is the way to go.

3 Better Metabolism and Energy

Another thing that strength training does is boost your metabolism. It increases our body’s ability to use the food that we eat.

There is another reason ladies of a certain age should also make strength training their number one exercise format. Did you know that strength training helps to balance our hormones? Hormonal imbalance is a common medical condition that affects many ladies.

You have probably been recommended to do aerobic exercise. Great, but it is not the only answer. You see, aerobic exercise increases the level of stress hormones in the body. If you only do aerobic exercise, your body can’t get balance your hormones. Excess stress hormones lead to unwanted weight and belly fat.

Many online sources will tell you that are estrogen dominant. In fact, what is really going on here is that you are experiencing excessive levels of stress hormones including adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine. These are three hormone strength training help to control. The more muscle we have, the better the body can balance these three hormones.

Excessive levels of stress hormones make us feel tired. This is what we experience when we feel tired in menopause or peri-menopause.

4 Strong Bones and Adios Osteoporisis

Okay, we are going to get serious for a moment. Due to genetic conditions and other health factors, we may not be able to completely eliminate osteoporosis. The upside is that we can certainly help to improve our chances of not developing the condition.

Strength training can help us to build stronger and healthier bones. How does this work?

Over the years, scientists have learned that strength training promotes better bone growth. If we only do aerobic exercise, our lungs and cardiovascular system become fit, but this does not support our bones.

If you want to support healthy bone growth, you should add strength training to your fitness routine. After you have been strength training for a while, your bone density improves.

Final Thoughts On Strength Training

Some sort of strength training is beneficial for women of all ages. It can help you to burn calories and reduce fat deposits. The main benefits are better bone density, a change in body shape and posture. These are the visible positive effects of strength training for women.

The positive side effects that we notice but don’t see, are improved metabolism and better energy levels. When you strength train, you are far less likely to become frail and experience falls as you mature.

To make the most out of strength training, you should try to do it at least three times per week. Sessions don’t need to be long and you don’t need to get down on the floor. Standing up doing your strength training is just as good.

Strength training is an excellent way to maintain mobility and balance the way your body works. Don’t overlook it.