Podiatrists are university trained health professionals who deals with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Our Podiatrists use a wide range of therapies to treat conditions related to foot structure and function. At Archibald Health Centre, you will receive care from treating nails through to medical conditions such as Diabetes, biomechanical and sport related injuries requiring minor surgery.

See a Podiatrist for:
  • Pain in your feet
  • Skin and nail problems (ingrown or discoloured toenails, corns, skin rashes
  • Foot and lower leg injury
  • Health problems such as Diabetes or Arthritis
  • Recurrent trips and falls
  • Problems getting shoes to fit comfortably
  • Lumps or bumps, bunions or misshapen toes
Services available for all ages:
  • Nail Surgery
  • Comfort Specialist Footwear Range
  • Sports Podiatry and Orthotic Therapy
  • Forefoot, Arch and Heel Pain
  • Diabetes Foot Health Assessments
  • Nails, corns and callus treatment